Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Mending

I sat there... Staring at it... The imperfection looking me in the eye... It crawled under my skin and screamed for some kind of help, some kind of redemption. I would be the one who would give that redemption! No longer would it have to live a life of imperfection, no longer would it be mocked by its peers. The item... A torn page in a story book. There's just something about a torn page in a book that is like fingernails on a chalk board to me. One accidental turn, one swift read and riiiiiiip out it comes. So in order to prevent this travesty in my sons' Go Dog Go book, I will mend it. I will make it new and whole again. The tool - Super Ultra Clear packing tape, yes this should do the trick. Then he will still be able to enjoy the words and the pictures.

So...I hold the page together.

Measure the tape. ( so its just right)


I repeat the same process for the other side of the book and wallah a brand new page, reinforced in fact.

I stare at my handiwork and I must say that I am very impressed with myself. You can barely see the tape and the page is mended, restored. I am happy, no longer will this page irritate me as I turn towards the end of the story. As I stare a little longer (checking for mistakes) I notice the page is misaligned just a tad but nothing big. I also notice that the tape is smooth and I can see through it really well. Pleased, I start to close the book and put it on the shelf - then a thought hits me.

There is one thing I cannot see. (I re-open the book) I cannot see the hands that did this work, I cannot see the time that it took to fix this book, I cannot see the thought that went into the solution of the problem. The only thing I can see is my finger prints on the "clear" tape. The prints of the healer, the prints of the one who took the time to fix this meaningless page, the prints of the one who thought it beneficial to repair a page in a story book.

David said his life was like an open book to God. (Psalm 139:16 Msg.)

How many of our lives have torn pages?
How many of our lives have restored pages?

There is never a time that God is closer in our lives than when we are in need of healing. Whether we are going through a trial, or need a physical touch, or our emotions are torn and tattered. God is there...mending...placing his hands on us...leaving his fingerprints.

Look at your scars, your torn pages and begin to see The Mending that took place there. Begin to see the fingerprints of God. Analyze how he took the time to work in your life.

Look how he mends and leaves a piece of himself behind.