Thursday, May 7, 2009

The whore that is us

I was talking with my pastor a few days ago and he brought up an interesting question He asked; why do we give ourselves to other gods? What is it in man, that he constantly feels that he needs to give himself to other gods? As we were talking, he said that that question could not be fully answered. He brought up how Israel continually prostituted herself out to other gods and how in the bible God longed for Israel to show the same devotion to him as other tribes did to their gods. My Pastor also brought up how the other tribes had great devotion to their false gods and how Israel (whom worshipped the true God) always was the one to leave their God for another. So what is it that is in us that needs to constantly look for fulfillment in false gods. Why does the notion of "cheating" on God sound so appealing?

Is it our Sin/Flesh nature?

Is it our eyes, do we see something more lovely than what God can give us?

Is it self justification that we seek in other gods? We simply follow a set of rules and then woalla we are justified and then can go on sinning and feel "good and justified" in our sin.

Why does God want us all to himself? Why is it a commandment to have no gods before him? Is he a jealous lover or does he just care for us that much, in that he feels that no one could possibly care for us or love us like he could?

Some food for thought:
Zechariah 10:2-3
Jeremiah 13:25-27