Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I really love how the world is so connected these days. I can’t remember a time in which everyone in the world was a post or a tweet away. This is truly remarkable. Connectivity. I was trying to remember a time (from my historically challenged brain) when the world was so connected. Maybe when The Silk Road trade route was first completed and people had the ability to be interconnected. But still that had to take enormous amounts of time to get a message or a product from one end to another. Now it takes seconds. Love is just a second away, Hate is just a second away, Wisdom is just a second away, a long lost friend is just a second away. Connectivity. What a fabulous time to be alive, but how many of us take advantage of this? How many of us shoot out a word of hope or encouragement? How many of us click that button to electronically donate to help someone out in a time of need? Instead we immerse ourselves in our games and in our worlds of pornography and gossip. We take the time that we have been graciously blessed with and spend it away on unfruitfulness. I myself am most guilty of all. Instead of being fruitful or productive, I like to waste my time away with meaningless stuff. I love to feed my flesh and find it a struggle to feed my spirit. It’s so easy to feed your flesh and so hard to feed your spirit.

            All of this reminds me of Hosea 4. God says that his people are destroyed because of their lack of knowledge. I know that in the passage God appears to be talking about the knowledge of him and his law. But how much knowledge do we “waste” away everyday, and then in turn a part of ourselves gets destroyed. How much knowledge of good do we let slip by, how much opportunity do we waste, how much spiritual fruit do we ignore and in return become ignorant and eventually destroyed. I recently read Drops Like Stars by Rob Bell and in the book he had mentioned that in a time of imperfection we can BEGIN or END.

            In this New year, we will have our resolutions and our beginnings, our hopes and dreams and also our failures. Throughout it all though, let us choose to BEGIN. Let us choose to be knowledgeable of God and his word. Let us choose to be knowledgeable of our opportunities and circumstances. Let us choose to be fruitful and prosper because of our knowledge instead of being destroyed because of our lack of it.

            Adam and Eve ate from the Tree and cursed us all; and we still feel the sting of that curse everyday. But is there a blessing in that curse? Is there a ray of hope, an opportunity? I believe that there is, it was after all the Tree of the Knowledge of GOOD and Evil. There in lies our choice, which will we choose to be knowledgeable of?

Good or Evil
Life or Death
Creation or Destruction.